5 Recommended Hair Dryer Products That Are Not Noisy, Guaranteed Neighbors Are Not Disturbed!

Using a hair dryer that makes a noisy noise can make the activity of drying and styling hair less comfortable. Marshalova, maybe you’ve experienced this before. For such a simple reason, a non -noisy hair dryer product can be the best solution to dry and help manage hair.

A Silent Hair Dryer? Apparently there is!

One thing you should know is that there are silent types of hair dryers on the market. Designing a soundproof hair dryer seems to be realized as a necessity. Although some hair dryer products of this type are considered expensive; but there are still some that are priced cheaply and rationally enough for everyday use.

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Some Quiet Hair Dryer Products You Can Get In The Marketplace

Here are some hair dryer products that are not as noisy as drying hair calmly. These products are also quite easy to find in various marketplaces so it will not be difficult if you want to get them.

Philips BHD 006

a non -noisy hair dryer

Hair dryer with futuristic design can also be another option for the need to dry hair without noisy noise. This device has a special design that can reduce the noise level by up to 20% of a regular hair dryer. 

The small size makes this hair dryer can be used at home or taken when traveling. You can get this hair dryer with a power of 1,600 watts for about Rp300,000 only.

Tescom NTID 292 Ion Hair Dryer

a non -noisy hair dryer

This hair dryer product has more value on negative ion technology that can treat hair and prevent hair from looking tangled. The relatively small size and weight of about 400 grams makes this tool suitable for traveling. While the simple handle makes this tool very comfortable to hold when used. 

One thing that is no less important is that this product from Tescom is a hair dryer that is silent despite spraying warm air vigorously. You can get this product at a price in the range of Rp400,000.

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Hair Dryer Professional Sokany 2300W

a non -noisy hair dryer

This hair dryer product is one of the products that does not produce a noisy sound. The device features two wind speeds and 3 temperature options. The motor power of this hair dryer is quite good; the disadvantage is in the consumption of electrical power is quite large. 

This product also has a fairly large size and a rather heavy weight so it is more suitable to be worn at home and not taken on a trip. Meanwhile, in terms of price, it is quite cheap with a banderol of Rp490,000.

Remington D1500-Ap Jet Setter 2000

a non -noisy hair dryer

This product has a minimalist design with an elegant black color. This Remington hair dryer is equipped with a long cable and features two noisy air spray speeds. 

With a fairly small size and weight of about 660 grams makes this tool can also you take on the go. You can get this hair dryer with a power consumption of 2,000 watts for around Rp480,000.

Glampalm GP711AS Aero Professional Hair Dryer

a non -noisy hair dryer

This silent fashion hair dryer product is a high-end product that is equipped with various advanced features. There are tourmaline, infrared, advanced ion and healing stone technologies attached to this device. 

The result is a hair dryer that is quiet and dries as well as treats hair in a disposable. This hair dryer with ceramic heater has a power consumption of 2,000 watts and has a price tag of Rp3,100,000.

Here are 5 hair dryer recommendations that are not noisy as an option for you who need a hair dryer with silent mode. Which one do you want to buy, Marshalova?